archive my tweets

I liked vrypan’s idea about keeping control of your tweets.
But I wanted to do it «the other way around».
Keep using the twitter interface, but archive a copy of my tweets in a dedicated wordpress blog.

So I found a wordpress plugin that does that:
Twitter Tools

I also wanted to populate my blog with my older tweets.
So a bit of Net::Twitter::Lite and WordPress::API thrown in a few lines of perl code, did the trick!

use Net::Twitter::Lite;
use WordPress::API;
use Unicode::String;
use utf8;

my $nt = Net::Twitter::Lite->new(
 username => "twitter-username", password => "twitter-password");
my $w = WordPress::API->new({ proxy => '',
 username => 'blog-username', password => 'blog-password', });

eval {
 my $statuses = $nt->user_timeline({ count => 100, page => '1' });
 for my $status ( @$statuses ) {
   print "$status->{id} $status->{created_at} $status->{text}\n";
   my $tweet = Unicode::String::utf8($status->{text});
   my $post = $w->post;
warn "$@\n" if $@;

So now I have most of my tweets at
It’s my own tweetbackup service :-)


Greek in console for old linux systems (readline)

The readline library is responsible for interaction with programs like bash, ftp and psql. With recent versions of the library you don’t need to make the changes described below if you have set LC_CTYPE correctly (see locales part above).

However, with potato or a prior release of Debian, you will need additional configuration. There are two files where you may configure this: /etc/inputrc (system-wide) and ˜/.inputrc (per user). The following configuration should enable you to type foreign characters as well as making programs output them properly.

set meta-flag on
set convert-meta off
set input-meta on
set output-meta on

Enable Multiple HTTPS Sites For One IP

Τόσο καιρό ξέραμε πως δε γίνεται να έχεις πολλαπλά https sites στο ίδιο IP, για τεχνικούς λόγους..

Απ’ότι φαίνεται όμως, ενεργοποιόντας TLS extensions στο web server όλα γίνονται!

Το μόνο που μένει είναι να αποκτήσει ο περισσότερος κόσμος browsers που να υποστηρίζουν TLS extensions. Αυτή τη στιγμή υποστηρίζουν οι

  • Firefox 2.0 or later
  • Opera 8.0 or later
  • Internet Explorer 7 (Vista only, not XP)