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inbox-outbox minutes

Μόλις κυκλοφόρισαν τα πρακτικά του anti-spam workshop που είχα παρακολουθήσει το Νοέμβρη στο Inbox-Outbox.

"The workshop was set up in order to bring technical and non-technical
anti-spam experts together to give an overview about current situation
in the area of anti-spam. Professionals from both sides gave
contributions about spam trends, current legal and technical anti-spam
issues and newest research results.

Discussions during the workshop made clear that providers are fighting
spam, but need support from different areas. In general, support from
legal experts is highly appreciated by providers. They often seem to
stumble in difficult legal aspects regarding email or virus filtering.
This workshop made clear which measures are actually desirable and
required by policy makers. Moreover, providers welcomed the efforts from
research institutes developing new anti-spam technologies.

All in all, the results of the workshop and ENISA's upcoming deliverable
on provider security measures give a comprehensive overview about
current anti-spam best practice. However, during the workshop it raised
up that spam should be considered as a symptom of network abuse. Solving
spam therefore requires, next to current efforts, also approaches to
mitigate net abuse in general. As a consequence, ENISA will concentrate
next year on resilience as a main part of its Working Programme 2008 and
put forth efforts making network abuse more transparent to legal and
technical experts."

Thanks Pascal ;)

locally bypass dnsbl listing

Τι κάνεις όταν θέλεις να δεχτείς mail από κάποιο IP που είναι listed σε κάποια dnsbl και δε μπορείς να το βγάλεις;

Το κάνεις whitelist στον mail server ή στο antispam software που χρησιμοποιείς..

Κι αν το whitelisting δε δουλεύει ή δεν έχεις τον έλεγχο τους;

Τότε κάνεις bypass το dnsbl listing, γιατί έχεις έλεγχο του DNS server που χρησιμοποιούνε!

Εστω ότι το listed IP είναι το, και είναι listed στην

$ host has address

Φτιάχνεις ένα κενό zone file στον DNS σαν το παρακάτω

$ cat etc/

$TTL 86400
;name   addr-cl SOA     Origin  Person in charge
@       IN      SOA     localhost.  root.localhost. (
                        2008011600   ; Serial
                        21600        ; Refresh 6 hours
                        3600         ; Retry 1 hours
                        3600000      ; Expire 41 days 16 hours
                        172800     ) ; Minimum 2 days
                                IN      NS      localhost.

Στο etc/named.conf του bind δηλώνεις το παρακάτω:

zone "" {
                type master;
                file "/etc/";

Κάνεις reconfig στο bind και ως δια μαγείας ..δεν είσαι πλεον listed

$ host
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

ENISA Quarterly Magazine Q4 2007

ENISA Quarterly Magazine is always good to read.. The 4th Quarter 2007 issue is now available online at ENISA’s website.
In this issue the focus is on Secure Software. Here is a quick sample of the articles you will find in this issue:

  • From the World of Security Experts
    • Cycles of Software Crises
    • The Whys and Hows of Assuring Secure Software
    • Technology Leaders Tackle Software Assurance
    • The 10 Most Common Sins of Software Developers
    • Security Skills of Software Developers
    • Leading the Way to More Secure Software
    • Providing Assurance for Security Software ? Insights into the Common Criteria
  • From our own Experts
    • ENISA Position Papers: Network and Information Security risks affecting Social Networks, Reputation Systems, and Botnets
    • Towards a European Information Sharing and Alerting System
  • Food for Thought
    • Stop using the Traffic Analogy for NIS!