ENISA Quarterly Magazine Q4 2007

ENISA Quarterly Magazine is always good to read.. The 4th Quarter 2007 issue is now available online at ENISA’s website.
In this issue the focus is on Secure Software. Here is a quick sample of the articles you will find in this issue:

  • From the World of Security Experts
    • Cycles of Software Crises
    • The Whys and Hows of Assuring Secure Software
    • Technology Leaders Tackle Software Assurance
    • The 10 Most Common Sins of Software Developers
    • Security Skills of Software Developers
    • Leading the Way to More Secure Software
    • Providing Assurance for Security Software ? Insights into the Common Criteria
  • From our own Experts
    • ENISA Position Papers: Network and Information Security risks affecting Social Networks, Reputation Systems, and Botnets
    • Towards a European Information Sharing and Alerting System
  • Food for Thought
    • Stop using the Traffic Analogy for NIS!


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