The benefits of telecommuting

Here is an infographic that shows the benefits of telecommuting and how working from home promotes better health and productivity.

Telecommuter Infographic

Thanks to for this work and to Allison M. for bringing it to my attention :)


Work in the future

A few headlines

  • We’ve been describing work as a place we go to for hundreds of years
  • We are still «going to work» today but times are changing
  • Work won’t be a single location anymore
  • Work will be tasks to be accomplished
  • People will be working apart — together
  • Control will be replaced by a culture of trust

If these sound interesting, you should read The remote manager’s toolkit.

Additionally: Marieke Guy’s blog Ramblings of a Remote Worker.


Quoting from «The Pond»  by Rands

Working remotely isn’t a privilege; it’s work. And it’s the same work we’re all doing back at the mothership… fully clothed… in the Pond.

…and if you are a teleworker or manage teleworkers, you should read the comments too!