ipv6calc: ipv6 address conversion utility

ipv6calc is a swiss-army knife utility to manipulate ipv6 addresses. It can be used to convert IPv6 addresses from one format to another and extract embedded information.

$ ipv6calc -q --out revnibbles.arpa 2002:d4fb:e54::1
(the above can also be obtained easily using dig -x 2002:d4fb:e54::1)
$ ipv6calc -q --action conv6to4 --in ipv4 --out ipv6

$ ipv6calc -q --action conv6to4 --in ipv6 2002:c15c:6e01:: --out ipv4

$ ipv6calc -q --addr_to_uncompressed 2002:c15c:6e01::

$ ipv6calc -q -i 2002:c15c:6e01::
Address type: unicast, 6to4, global-unicast, productive
Address type is 6to4 and included IPv4 address is:
IPv4 registry for 6to4 address: RIPENCC
Address type has SLA: 0000
Interface identifier: 0000:0000:0000:0000
Interface identifier is probably manual set or based on a local EUI-64 identifier
$ ipv6calc -q --action geneui64 00:1f:c6:7e:83:b8

$ ipv6calc -q -i fe80::21f:c6ff:fe7e:83b8/64
Address type: unicast, link-local
Registry for address: reserved
Interface identifier: 021f:c6ff:fe7e:83b8
EUI-48/MAC address: 00:1f:c6:7e:83:b8
MAC is a global unique one
MAC is an unicast one

Συντάκτης: Sotiris Tsimbonis

I work as a Systems Administrator in Forthnet. All posts in this blog do NOT represent my employer's views.

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