I really don’t like the underscore character!

I really don’t like the underscore [ _ ] character!

  • Please don’t use it in your hostnames, although it appears to work, it’s actually not valid and generates warnings and errors.
  • Please don’t use it in your filenames, filesystems can handle files/dirs with whitespace these days.
  • Please don’t ask ‘underscore or dash?’ when I say ‘dash’.
    If I wanted the underscore, I would say so.

7 Replies to “I really don’t like the underscore character!”

      1. That’s my point; because one can’t trust that space characters won’t be converted to %20s on web and ftp servers, (s)he prefers to use underscores in filenames instead. Plain «concatenation» without word delimeters, is not always convenient -not even on servers with case sensitivity, where one could the trick of initial letter capitalization of each «word» in a filename.


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