Preparing for World IPv6 Day: I changed my MTU to 1280

In preparation for World IPv6 Day on 8 June 2011, I thought I’d check my connectivity..

I visited a test-ipv6 page .. but the page took too long to open, had broken images, timeouts and readiness score 1/10 !

test.ipv6 with mtu 1500 - Problems!
test.ipv6 with mtu 1500 - Problems!

So I changed my MTU to 1280 and tested again

(In linux you might type: /sbin/ifconfig eth0 mtu 1280)

test.ipv6 with mtu 1280 - No Problems!
test.ipv6 with mtu 1280 - No Problems!

I then found this relevant discussion: IPv6 and path MTU discovery black holes

UPDATE 4/6/2011: An MTU of 1492 also seems to work correctly in my setup (as @chatasos prefers


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6 thoughts on “Preparing for World IPv6 Day: I changed my MTU to 1280”

  1. χαχαχαχα :-)
    αυτό με το blur πάνω στης IP μου άρεσε :-)
    θα πρέπει να κάνεις και ενα διαγωνισμό GuessMyIP!

    Σωτήρη καθάρισε λίγο την οθόνη σου γιατί τα δείχνει λίγο πιο blur απ ότι είναι στην πραγματικότητα :-)

  2. $ tracepath6
    1?: [LOCALHOST] 0.017ms pmtu 1492
    1: 2a02:2148:x:x::1 1.735ms
    1: 2a02:2148:x:x::1 15.089ms
    2: 2a02:2148:x:x:2::6 50.111ms
    3: 2a02:2148:x:x::1 53.193ms
    4: 52.561ms
    5: 62.776ms !A
    Resume: pmtu 1492

    Check your firewall…


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